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Create value-informed choices for your athletes, workforce or clients. With the balance mat, your company can establish a baseline balance score, and then make quantified data-backed decisions about the capacity of the tested individual to engage in the duties they are assigned.


With the invention of the Balance Mat, a world-first Australian technology, organisations can now obtain an immediate and accurate assessment of people’s balance.

A personal trainer with a client standing on the Balance Mat in an assessment room.
The procurement process for any large chain of gyms is complex, but having access to the latest technology can be a competitive advantage to increase subscriptions. Your members want the best out of their training and physical activity, with Balance Mat's simple interface your PTs and staff can qualify their practice with objective data.
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Your workforce is your greatest asset, and ensuring their health and safety is vital for the productivity of any modern business. Whether your workers are heavy machinery operators, construction labourers or spend all day at a desk, balance can guide many factors that ensure their performance for risk mitigation or compliance.
A physiotherapist stretches a man in a medical room
Any physiotherapist knows the extreme stresses that athletes go through, and the steep costs of falls. Objective balance data is usually cost-inhibitive and time-consuming. With Balance Mat, professional and amateur athletes can establish a baseline and identify changes in postural sway, avoiding falls before they happen, or guiding better rehabilitation.


What Balance Mat should I use for health balance testing?

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We have designed the Balance Mat - multimetric system for health, fitness and workplace environments

How much is the Balance Mat?

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Comprising hardware (600mm x 700mm mat), operating software, USB cable and access to the Balance Mat test results system:
$3,000 plus GST

How many tests are available with the Balance Mat?

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There are 4 tests: Normal Stance, Tandem Stance, Single Foot (Left) and Single Foot (Right)


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A standard Balance Mat test goes for 20 seconds. This can be shortened at the practitioner’s discretion.

Can I trail the Balance Mat?

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Trials are available for the Balance Mat with a 10% deposit, i.e. $300 plus GST.

Why should I buy the Balance Mat?

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•  Provides a more accurate, richer result than time-based testing alone
•  Uses an objective measure to confirm professional judgement based on observation, knowledge and experience
•  Gives real-time feedback on balance ability in different standing positions including separate results for each leg
•  Identifies balance weaknesses for tailored exercise programs
•  Positions the practitioner as a balance expert


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At the end of each Balance Mat test or set of tests the practitioner has the option to upload the graph and score to the online score information system along with biodata comprising the name, gender, year of birth, known medical conditions and notes regarding the person whose balance is being tested. The practitioner has access to the data they upload on the SIS via a unique user ID and password.


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Our single sensor fibre optic device measures differences in light, which is processed by our algorithm to give a score and a graphical representation of postural sway on a computer running Windows 10, Windows 11 or MacOS.


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Balance Mat data can be used for a range of analytical and comparative purposes including falls prevention, fitness monitoring, progress tracking, pre-employment screening and work safety evaluation.

When will I be able to buy the Balance Mat?

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Bulk orders of Balance Mats are available now, please contact us.

Trusted by professionals.

“I was happy to assist in Balance Mat research to monitor changes in residents’ health status over time in conjunction with the exercise programs I ran in a residential aged care facility on the Gold Coast. Now that I have started my own physiotherapy practice I am looking forward to working with Ian Bergman, the talented Balance Mat inventor, once again.”
Scott Rissman
Principal Physiotherapist, Elysio Health Pty Ltd
“Our fitness instructors found the software very intuitive and easy to use, and we compiled a fantastic set of data around our aged clients and their capabilities with regard to undertaking our Strength for Life exercise program. This data enabled our instructors to further develop customised exercise regimes for each client to assist with regaining their mobility and balance and improving their strength.”
Thomas Thom
Community Programs Officer, City of Prospect, South Australia
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