Front End Software Engineer

Front End Software Engineer

The Opportunity

As Balance Mat's Frontend Engineer, you’ll be imagining, architecting and building out our core data analytics platform. This platform will be used to:

  • Transform raw signals into 2D visualisations and scores
  • Be the cutting edge balance measurement system
  • Build datasets to inform the next generation of falls risk assessment.

The platform will revolutionise the falls prevention. This is a technology that will be used day-in-day out, and will become the new standard, maybe even a new unit of measurement.

To create this platform, you will be working directly with the Balance Mat engineering and product development teams. You will be empowered with a high level of autonomy to make thoughtful and pragmatic technology choices.

Working at Balance Mat

At Balance Mat we value creativity, work product and collaboration above all else. There is no dress code, no meetings that don’t make sense, and you set your own start and finish time.  We are very serious about creating paradigm shifting falls prevention tools, and as such have created a work environment where team members have minimal cognitive overhead with busy work that may take their minds off this mission.

The Role


  • Architect the frontend technology stack for our web platform
  • Evolve the prototype into a commercial ready product ahead of market launch
  • Lay foundations that the future software team can build and scale upon - e.g. build efficient and reusable front end abstractions and systems

Must-Have Requirements

  • Proven track record as an exceptional frontend engineer
  • Ability to write high-performance, reusable code for UI components, including appropriate testing
  • Excellent skills in collaborating with others, especially in exploring application design and strategy
  • Intimate knowledge of cross-browser development
  • Excellent computer science fundamentals

Nice-To-Have Requirements

  • Experience growing and leading effective engineering teams
  • Specific experience with the ThreeJS API
  • Exposure to full-stack development, in particular Python (Flask) webapps
  • Exposure to system and cloud design, in particular with Google Cloud Platform
  • Exposure to machine learning, data processing and AI techniques
  • Experience with low-level software and electronics for control systems and robotics
  • Exposure to working in an early stage startup, ideally in the DeepTech or MedTech domain

Cultural-Fit Requirements

  • Thrives in uncertainty - comfortable upskilling and working from first principles to keep the momentum going in the right direction
  • Fired up about Balance Mat's mission! Wants to be a core part of our long term journey

Please complete our application form and we’ll be in touch with next steps! If you have any questions before you apply, feel free to contact us

We make hiring decisions based on your skills, experience, curiosity and passion. Here, we value and celebrate the diversity of perspectives, expressions, social and ethnic backgrounds as we deeply believe that these are key for creating and building an imaging device to be truly accessible by all. We are always striving for this to be the best place to work and where you excited to come and share your ideas.
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