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Objective data quantifies academic research.

Create high-detail datasets to quantify your research. With Balance Mat, your research can quickly and easily gather comprehensive data from any study. With Balance Mat, gone are the days of long and laborious set-up times for testing equipment, just step on, click, wait for 20s, and step off.


With the invention of the Balance Mat, a world-first Australian technology, research can be done faster and easier than ever before.

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Fall Risk
Falls are the second leading cause of preventable death after road fatalities according to WHO. Governments around the world are funding research into this huge financial and human cost. Any researcher who has studied this knows how difficult it is to establish data points, without a ubiquitous unit of balance measurement.
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Clinical Trial
The framework and reporting requirements of clinical trials are appropriately robust. Companies have moral and legal requirements to ensure their products are safe for the community. Balance Mat can enhance and expedite this process by saving time for researchers in their data collection processes.
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Novel and ground-breaking medicines are being created every day, but research has brought new issues to the fore, such as fall risk. Many drugs affect balance, and this new area of research is efficiently enabled by the Balance Mat. The ease of use and quick data point collection facilitates the verification of existing drugs.


What Balance Mat should I use for research balance testing?

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We have designed the Balance Mat Pro - Neurometric system for research in public, private and educational facilities.


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Our software has been tailored and designed in conjunction with balance researchers. It includes
• Normal stance - eyes open
• Normal stance eyes closed
• Tandem stance eyes open
• Tandem stance eyes closed
• One legged – left foot - eyes open
• One legged – left foot - eyes closed
• One legged – right foot - eyes open
• One legged – right foot - eyes closed

Why should I buy the Balance Mat Pro?

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• Pioneer neurometric balance research into health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Ataxia, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, multiple system atrophy and progressive supranuclear palsy to name a few
• Be known as an early adopter and supporter of this world-first patented Australian technology
• Enhance your reputation as a global expert in balance research
• Enjoy the kudos your university or institution will receive from your important, cutting-edge work

How much does the Balance Mat Pro cost?

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Comprising hardware (600mm x 700mm mat), operating software, USB cable and access to the Balance Mat test results system: $4,500 plus GST

When will I be able to buy the Balance Mat Pro?

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The Balance Mat Pro is available for researchers now, please contact us to order.

Can I trial the Balance Mat?

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Trials are available with a 10% deposit, i.e. $450 plus GST.


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A standard Balance Mat test goes for 20 seconds. This can be shortened at the researcher's discretion.


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At the end of each Balance Mat test or set of tests the researcher has the option to upload the graph and score to the test result dashboard along with biodata comprising the name, gender, year of birth, known medical conditions and notes regarding the person whose balance is being tested. The researcher has access to the data they upload on the SIS via a unique user ID and password.


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A simple retest can be taken if abnormal data points are recorded. These can be easily identified as large spikes at the beginning of a test.


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Our tests have been developed with balance researchers to comprehensively cover all relevant information that a researcher requires, including variance and RMS values along with the graph.

Is the technology certified?

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The Balance Mat system was approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in December 2021

Is there clinical validation for Balance Mat?

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Clinical testing with more than 400 patients was performed at Hastings Medical Centre in Wauchope, NSW. This initial testing assessed the balance of each patient and at the time of writing in June 2022 a study of the correlation between diabetes and balance ability is proceeding.

Are there any peer reviewed papers available on the balance mat?

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Recently the Balance Mat was validated by researchers at RMIT University and the University of Canberra against force plates and inertial sensors. Papers in the scientific literature are in preparation and the results due to appear shortly.

Trusted by professionals.

“I think the Balance Mat is a very valuable device to be used in research to look at the postural instability of different cohorts of people, like people with neurological disorder, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Compared to other products in the marketplace Balance Mat offers unique advantages in postural sway assessment due to its light weight, portability and
ease of use.”
Dr Maryam Ghahramani
Lecturer and Program Director in Engineering, IT & Systems, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Canberra
What people are saying about the Balance Mat
I believe your new Balance Mat product offers considerable benefit to the aged care community as an effective new tool to assist with falls prevention.
Dr. David Gillespie Profile Picture
Dr David Gillespie MP
Member for Lyne and former Minister for Regional Health, Australian Federal Parliament
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